Imam Hendi reacts to Pope's Speech:

September 17th, 2006

Many Muslims showed anger in reaction to the speech his Holiness, Benedict the XVI made in which he referred to Islam and prophet Muhammad in a way that was misunderstood by Muslims around the world. That anger should not last for long and should not paralyze the great relationship Muslims and Catholics around the world have. Muslims and Christians must work together to bring about good to this world. And the relationship must continue to be perfect, civilized and of cooperation and coordination.

I am deeply touched by his Holiness apology and regret about the angry reaction to his recent remarks about Islam. This apology reflects the great moral teachings of Jesus Christ his Holiness believe.

I would like to congratulate his Holiness on his great sensitivity to Muslims and Islam. Muslims must honor this apology and regret unfortunate statements made as they reacted to his Holiness speech. Muslims must reach out to their Christian sisters and brothers with true love and compassionate soul.

Remember that from small things big things grow and with a smile this world can be a better home for all of us.


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